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Topnano Showcases Flexible Ultrathin Nanometal Films at COMPUTEX 2024

TOP Nanometal Corporation, a manufacturer specializing in flexible substrate materials, is set to exhibit its latest products at the upcoming COMPUTEX 2024. The exhibition will take place from June 4th to 7th at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1.
Product Highlights:

Copper Foil sputtered Graphite Thermal Film:

This electronic thermally conductive material has excellent heat dissipation performance and is suitable for heat dissipation applications of various flat and thin electronic parts and products. Whether it is a high-performance but easy-to-heat SSD, a VR/MR viewing helmet, or a thin and light notebook, you can get the cooling effect from this thermal materials.

Ultra Thin FCCL (2L-FCCL):
This kind of flexible substrate has no glue between the base PI/PET material and the copper layer, making it an ideal choice for flexible electronic products that emphasize thinness and lightness. The copper layer can be supplied in 2~18um, and this material can be used whether it is a flexible display, wearable device or flexible antenna FPCB.

ITO Transparent Conductive Film:
This film is applicable to touch panels and LCD displays, providing an efficient transparent conductive layer for various electronic devices.

Roll to Roll Sputter Metalized Thin Film OEM Services:
In addition to the upper products, Topnano offers Roll to Roll Sputter OEM services for flexible polymer base materials sputter with nanometals or composite metal foils. These kind materials can be used to create lightweight and thin flexible electrodes.
Stay tuned for Topnano’s exciting showcase at COMPUTEX 2024!

Topnano attend COMPUTEX 2024
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